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About Sketchy Guy Nevada

Cameron Ferguson,

Sketchy Guy Nevada

I am a cartoonist and illustrator. I love the craft. I switched to digital years ago and I am amazed at the worlds it has opened. 

I love science fiction, hence my Northern Nevada X-Wing and Gaslands selections. I have a perfect wife and three awesome kids, hence the school selections. I also have a predilection toward the spiritual hence the Evolve Selections (nod to the Cluster!). I love to expand my horizons, hence the use of the word "hence" which I feel is far too under-used in the English language, so doing custom work is a passion as well!

The sale of many of the items benefit charities or organizations. I can also design items for family events or holiday vacations!

Feel free to contact me to create a custom work and to get it printed on the products just for you, your organization, or your family!

If you have any feedback please contact me, I would love to hear from you!